Hi All, dog rescuer here.

I know a lot of you are running out and getting dogs now, because you are around…but please read articles below (and there are more) to prevent some issues that can actually help you out!

Socialization (does not mean playing with either dogs) should happen for a puppy between 8 weeks and 12 weeks old… the window starts to close then and is fully shut by about 18 weeks.

Separation anxiety can occur in some dogs because of genetics… or because situations change. Find a quiet place to crate or put dog for a few hours Completely away from family. They shouldn’t truly get used to fact that you and family are home all day every day when things go back to normal-THEY MAY FREAK.

Here are just a few links. Going forward, we will be sending these articles with every puppy adoption to hopefully cut down on the amount of dogs who will be returned once things go back to normal.





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