Very helpful information for transporting your canine friend in the car.

  1. If the dog has a harness, attach the tether to the harness.
  2. Tether using the collar only if there is no harness.
  3. NEVER tether with a slip lead around the dog’s neck.
  4. Tether to something INSIDE your car,..the seat, the hand holds, the rings to attach a baby car seat, etc. Some cars have tie down rings built in.
  5. Closing the door with the handle of the leash outside is DANGEROUS…if the door is damaged or is opened the dog is gone!!!!
  6. If the dog is a chewer, use a metal leash to tether.
  7. Make tethers short enough so the dog can stand, sit, and lay comfortably but cannot jump around.
  8. Store purchased seat belt tethers work well, just be sure to have another leash attached to the dog before removing the seat belt tether.
  9. Keep all doors, windows, hatches, and sun-roofs closed and the air conditioning on in the summer.
  10. It is best to tether in the rear seat.
  11. Crate whenever possible and secure crate doors with an additional lock such as a carabiner clip, etc.

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